Lights Out! Sea Turtle Dig The Dark.


 Lights Out! Sea Turtles Dig in the Dark.

Keep beaches safe for nesting turtles

  •  Turn off beachfront lights after dusk during nesting season (May 1.-Oct. 31), and remember indoor lights can also be harmful.
  • Remove beach chairs, tents and other equipment at day’s end. These items can entrap nesting females and emerging hatchlings.
  • When boating, look out for sea turtles inshore and offshore.
  • Beach walkers are encouraged to join SCUTE’s reporting network. Call 843-237-9821 or 843-237-4440 for more information.
  • Call your local Santee Cooper retail office to have your outdoor lights shielded.
  • Property owners are encouraged to use turtle-friendly lighting. for a list of products.